Dining Room Our dining room is open to the public and is separate from the bar. A full menu is available ranging from burgers and other sandwiches to complete dinners. Takeout is available. Hours of operation will be expanded during big game hunting seasons and when other special events are taking place at the club. We welcome your business and seek input on both quality of food and service. Dining room hours: Thursday: 2pm - 8pm Friday: Noon - 9pm Saturday: 8am  - 9pm (breakfast until 11am) Sunday: 8am - 8pm (breakfast until 11am) Bar You must be a member and be prepared to show your membership card upon request in order to be served legal beverages. Bar area and adjoining game room are equipped with a TV to see sporting events, news, & weather. As our name indicates, we are a sportsman’s club and expect behavior on the part of our patrons that reflects sportsmanship. Bar hours: Thursday: 2pm - midnight Friday: 11am - midnight Saturday: 10am - midnight Sunday: 11am - midnight